Saturday, February 21, 2015

GFH3 Run #1,795; 14 February 2015

Friday's below-freezing temps having ceded to a moderate 40-something on the Fahrenheit scale, about 20 hashers decided to brave overcast skies and a pay-as-you-go sports bar that Chip Off the Old Dick had chosen as the venue for his latest hash heroics.  It was a fine choice given the expansive pipeline that ran right by the south Herndon/Reston shopping plaza where the team gathered tentatively, knowing young COtOD's reputation for stamina-testing.  No need!  The trail was a delight, totaling about four miles with Jeffy Lube out in front to do all the checking, so the eight or nine remaining runners didn't need to bother with those nasty false trails.  This trail, ladies and gentlemen, was so good no one bothered with the proffered shortcut.

Shortcutting actually entailed a small amount more goose poop, too.

The walkers went their own various ways, and everyone wound up back at Glory Days Grill, taking up six tables or thereabouts.  The Oral Advocate kindly put several pitchers of beer on his own tab, and recommended the bison burger.  There were also tasty warm pretzels and various salads and sandwiches.  A bit of musical chairs allowed for socializing while the O.A. took a silent roll call.

Richard referred to the trail as "maybe too well marked."  Views
and opinions expressed by one do not necessarily reflect those of others.

That bit of pipeline is worth a return visit.  It is not too late to reclaim it from the geese!

Not too many pictures, as the grill was a bit dim for flash-less pictures, and the flash gets obnoxious early, but there are a few available here.  Including several of geese...


Ménage à Trois, after 20 years' service as GFH3 Webmaster, is very gradually moving out of state and looking for someone to take over for him.  He can teach you anything you need to know in about an hour, even if you have no web experience, and estimates that upkeep requires less than 30 minutes per week.  Please contact him if you can do it.

ALSO, one of the Every Day is Wednesday hashers left a mug behind several weeks ago.  It says "EWH3" and "For Sale or Rent" on it.  She is anxious to get it back.  If you know where it is, Nipples can facilitate its restoration.


It's warm and sunny, although possible to find a centimeter of snow if you take the gondola up to 5,000 feet.

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